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Snow Party invite


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Life Painting 4: 171014. The bearded man.

head of a man reclined

Recumbent model. A very large painting of his head. 45 mins.

two men on orange red ground

Two poses early in the evening. Being worked on at home. 20 mins each.

two men in charcoal reflection

Charcoal of model and his reflection. 10 mins.



two men reflection


Model and his reflection. 10 mins.


Torso. 50 mins. Gold acrylic.

mans head and hand

Large head. 10 mins.

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Life Painting 2: 031014. Odysseus

Classical male nude seated

The last pose of the night. The model has such a heroic demeanour he reminds me of the wandering Greek, Odysseus. The fact that I’m finishing Homer’s book might have something to do with it. His presence has an effect on the marks made and colours chosen. 30 minutes.


The session was fully booked. This presented problems organising space which turned into this interesting visual compositions. The drawing at the bottom of the page is a fellow artists work. I was standing, she was sitting down on a donkey (a low bench like seat). Big mistakes in the early part of the work were quickly amended. I’m proud of this one. 30 minutes.

Classical male nude fast 1

Classical male nude fast 2

Classical male nude fast 3

Three quick poses on sugar paper.
10 minutes each.

Classical male nude 2 views

The first two poses.  Someone had left a few palettes of still usable acrylic paint which I used up. 10 minutes each.

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Viewing / Making Exhibition: The first photos.

Trevor Mill 2014 v2Trevor Mill 2014ViewingMaking_Exhibition_first_day_2 ViewingMaking_Exhibition_first day

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Life Painting 1: 260914. Lady with jewellry

Female nude seated first light

The first tentative painting of the new sessions. All this session was created on the floor instead of the easel which explains the perspective.

Female nude standing minute Female nude standing minute second version

A 10 minute pose painted twice.

Female nude seated back view

The last pose of the session. I’m trying to work ways to present the other elements in the painting apart from the nude. Should the background be blurred or just more abstract? Should the colours become more muted the further back the pictoral space becomes?

Female nude in studio

This pose was worked up later at home. The artist and Mr Skellington lends the work a comic feel. You can almost touch her foot. I’m quite happy that I don’t know what the image is about.

Female nude in studio torso

A close up of the torso. In the session I hadn’t spent enough attention to the head, which was a shame, I ran out of time.

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My fair Lady. (final state?)

My fair lady finished

This work is one of the covers on the concertina book, currently being exhibited.

This piece of paper has really changed a lot over the months.

my fair lady v5 My fair lady   My fair lady v2 first lady

It consists of Acrylic, varnish, chalk, glitter gel, sandpaper and lint from a dryer.

The references that go into this work are: The life model, my daughters foot & hand, photos of an old rug draped around me, a picture from World of interiors (now lost), a drawing of the living room in Gargunnock house, my favourite wine glass (empty), pinstripe, concrete sculpture and a photo of Charlotte Rampling.

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