Fitness Test Illustrations

Test ilustration sm

Made with layers of drawings scanned in.

Lady Runner v2 sm

Made with a WACOM tablet.

Trying to get the effort of the exercise in the marks.

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Rainbow 1 sm

Taken from the top window of the house. Click to make larger.

Up above the streets and houses rainbow flying high,
Everyone can see it spreading all over the sky,
paint the whole world with a RAINBOW.

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Revising old artworks.

All these works are in a state of flux. Will they ever be truely finished? Not sure.


Trev self v1

A self portrait from real life. I like the idea of a constantly aging self portrait. Sort of not Dorian Grey / self made mirror.

Nude on black revised

Thin lady A

The kids had a lot of near black paint left over… so I used it up. It’s strange to spend x5 longer on a work with the model not being there. The idea is to bring the composition. Maybe some glazes next…

Tall blonde male seated v2


I like the glam rock aspect of the model which explains the golden glitter. An urge to make him into a modern version of one of Matisses langourous ladies in stage set orientalism.

My fair lady revised 5?

My fair lady  My fair lady v2 first lady

This is called ‘My Fair Lady’. This may well be finished. The mixture or resolved and unresolved is fun.

Three graces wait for a storm v3

3 graces storm approaching v4   three-graces-wait-for-storm 4 ladies

This is called ‘The Three Graces Waiting For THe Storm’. Unfortunately it’s on thin paper stock.

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Precious stones

These are off-cuts from a design job I’ve been doing.
A candlelight ball. Hence the candles.


Stones for Blog


Fun finding out what colours and shapes gemstones are.

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Life drawing 10: 04.07.14 The character actor.

The final session of this series. Great fun.

Character actor sitting 1

The body went a bit long but there were some good passages. 4o mins.

Character actor hand

The hand and the shoulders are the the kind of thing I’m striving for. The mix of gestural brushstrokes, descriptive colour choices and incisive drawing.

shoulder character actor close up

The other side of the top pose. This was done from the floor. Mainly conté pastels with the last minute appliance of acrylics. 40 mins.

Character actor sitting 2

This pose was tough. Drawn over 2 other works (Mr. Skellington and the warm up pose). 15 mins.

Character actor lying down

Two 15 minute poses. The model was on two tables holding sticks.

Character actor x2

The model is a great guy. Afterwards he showed around images of him in costume as a 17th c. body snatcher! Fantastical Hogarthian.

Hope you’ve enjoyed looking at these drawings. I’ve had a ball.


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‘Life’ drawing: Skellington

Skull in my clothes

Being 30 minutes early for the life drawing class and having a camera on me, it made sense to keep busy and get to grips with the resident skellington in the studio.

After draping my jacket and scarf around the bones I quickly fired off some shots, then on some card got to work recording the well dressed man (I think). Acrylic paint and conte pastel.


A voyage around the skull. Nice to have the makers mark on the back. The dots are an aid to measurement.


A composite shot.

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The National Theatre, last night.

Getting ready for King Lear to begin.

National Theatre sm 2

I nearly cried at the ‘I know you. You are Gloucester’ bit.


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