My Daughter’s Fabulous Evil Eggheads!

These were so good and so unexpected; opening an eggbox to find these critters was quite a shock.

Evil Eggheads

They got boiled, bashed and eaten.


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Drawing each other

Who’s drawing whom? Alex & Trevor / Trevor & Alex?


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My Sister

For her birthday card.



Felt tips.

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Life class 10: 21.03.14 The thin lady.

Thin lady seated painting

The last painting of this season. I was very happy about the use of lime green oil paint in this composition. 1 hour 15 minutes split into two sessions. At the end of the first part I had a fair bit down, so  I could concentrate on the details in the last half hour.

Thin lady portrait crop

Here’s a close up of the face with a skellington’s  pelvis behind her head.

Thin lady holding stick from back

A 10 minute pose.

Thin lady back

The first pose, for 15 minutes.

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Life class 9: 14.03.14 Drawing when unwell

Lady pencil figure study

This was the warm-up pose. Two different types of pencil. Just trying to get the basics right and get some of the weight and shadow. 20 minute pose.

Seated blue lady

The main pose of the night. Painted sitting down. The breakthrough came when I noticed one of my fellow artists was wearing a deep blue dress in the back of the composition. The black blocks are the night time windows. A nice solid chair. 45 minutes.

Ble lady with frame  Seated blue lady otto mueller

These two sketches remind me of an artist I liked a lot when a 13 year old. Otto Mueller, a German Expressionist who specialised in ochre coloured nudes in the grass. 15 minutes each.

Here’s Otto, he looks familiar…


model on table

This composition just felt overwhelming; we were to draw the model and everything around her. 10 minute pose.

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Harry Potter Party flyer

Alex7a blog

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Therfield Candlelight Ball Poster

Therfield candlelight ball poster

Should be very atmospheric.
Typefaces used: My Judas Kiss & Windsor. Designed in Illustrator.

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