Merry Xmas to YOU

xmas card 1


xma card back


xmas 4

Inside left
xmas card 3

Inside right.

Merry Xmas to YOU.


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Life drawing 10: 281114 Robin the fantastic model.


Robin, the model is rather entertaining.
Here he’s re-making the last night of the proms. The conductor (far right, violinist in the middle and flautist on the right). This took 30 minutes per pose. Conte pastel and chalk. The real view was slightly stretched. But you want to fit all of this model in.

281114 second

These were three five minute poses.
These were in preparation for the long poses.

281114 first

The first pose. Which was a real eye opener.
There is probably some statement here, I’m not sure.
Fun drawing though.

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Design week 3: David Reeves Style.

Here’s an ad for a gift card.
There’s a very subtle Xmas message in there.
I’m messing with the real and graphic here.
It has a deadpan cool, purposefully not covered in Santa hats etc.

DAVID REEVES card hols ad

Here’s the card close up. The card is a pastiche of the AMEX platinum card, one of the strangest objects I have ever touched.


Here’s an ad for a quick tie  sale. Note the correct tailor’s scissors.
Simple and strong enough to make you look twice.


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Design Week 2: Typographical off cuts.

These images are screenshots from photoshop documents.

I’ve been working on a web puzzle game and these pieces of type were left over.

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 15.53.14  Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 16.49.19text unused

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Design Week 1: TRACK 0. Working towards a zero emission future.

There hasn’t been much graphic design on the blog for a while.
This will be rectified this week.
First off here’s an exciting branding job for a green charity.

NY Giants Running Back Derrick Ward Lights Up Empire State Building

This is a mock up of what was really going to happen.
The logo was to be projected onto the Empire State building in NYC.
Unfortunately time ran out, the building did turn green though.


Track 0 bus cards

Two different business cards.



A pop up poster.


Track 0 infographic 1&2 v5


Info-graphics for presentation.

Track0 bubbles v2Here’s some pages from the guidelines.

Track O logo plusTrack O logo plus Track O logo plus Track O logo plus


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Sketching relations


15 minutes. Making the book the centre of the work, as it was the centre of concentration for the sitter.


An hour while chatting. Nice to work only in (B) pencil again. Trying to get as much out of the one medium as possible.


A more stylised image of the same subject, using a pink Bingo dobber for the carpet. 5 minutes for the pencil sketch, 30 more minutes for the pen, dobber and the extra pencil. Mucking about with flat surfaces and modelling form. Slightly 1920’s, like the house it was drawn in.


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