4 Responses to Smile! it’s a toothy logo!

  1. pmlmediaPEte says:

    Hello Trevor – I’m rebuilding websites for a group of NHS dentists and I really like your ‘Teeth for life ‘ logo. Was this made for a specific BDH campaign? As members of the BDH foundation, would I be able to use it in the footer of their sites? or not?

    • Trevor Mill says:

      Hi Pete,
      I’m glad you like the logo.
      These were designed for a project that never came to completion as far as I know, I can’t remember whether it was BDH.
      At least not with my designs it didn’t!
      I’m not sure whether you can use it for free…
      that would be a bit cheeky. (Pardon the pun.)

      • yeah that’s cool – you said it was for the British Dental Health Foundation so I assumed they had already paid for it : )

      • Trevor Mill says:

        I’m pretty sure no payment happened.
        The job got to a certain stage and then fizzled out.
        As I was designing these with and for friend I didn’t chase payment.
        I’d like to see your website – there are a lot of interesting visual motifs around dentistry. That was a sentence no-one has ever written before.

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