4 Responses to Primary School logos

  1. aliceson says:

    me n sam vote the top one tops x

  2. lestaret says:

    Lovely designs Trevor; simple, elegant and fun too – a rare combination. All of the versions work well – is there a plan to select one? or are all three to be employed on different applications? It would be nice to think that boys and girls uniform logos would differ – a nice touch, not noticed by many, but appreciated by those who do.

    Really, I love this.

  3. Trevor Mill says:

    I thank you. I’m going to let the school have a think. There isn’t a school uniform, but that would have been fun (orange uniforms – like American prisoners?).

  4. Susan Abdel-Kerim says:

    I think the logo gives way for a new relationship to a popular logo but in a fresh/fun/friendly manner. My personal favourites are images one and four. Hope to see the fox around for a while to come. 🙂

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