Silver Premium Instant Shoe Shine® Typeface

I wanted a typeface on Friday. One that was spontaneous, exciting and bold. To go against all this computer led straight lineness – to be a bit electric guitar rather than slick programmed synth.

In front of me was my Silver Premium Instant Shoe Shine® (black). So instead of shining my shoes I drew letterforms on my pad. I started a little hesitantly so I re-made some of the letters (it’s always good to have spare e’s and a’s, as to repeat letters in this kind of hand drawn font is to notify the world it has been fed through a computer – your eye feels cheated). Each letter form is about 9cm high. The texture and detail is something you could never re-create well on the machine. I do find pretend ‘realistic’ filters to be really offensive but I’ll stop my rant… for now.

I’ve made this a negative to make it look even stronger.

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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2 Responses to Silver Premium Instant Shoe Shine® Typeface

  1. lestaret says:

    Oh Yeah! Now you’re talking – I have been doing a load of this stuff with my students recently – you can’t get this directly on screen – you have to begin with the letterforms themselves.

    Exceptionally satisfying.

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