Old Sketchbook week: No.16! Big Book 2, Third Salvo, Design, From Primal Scream to…

Back from holiday.

A proof of the 48 sheet poster, with a small colour print of the 6 sheet underneath. Very loud re-touching. My idea – which was unusual for the time. They were plastered all round Reading that year – as was I.

The artwork for a poster. Primal Scream at the time had a fairly unreadable logo at the time so I had to make one up for these ads, which was fun, pages upon pages of the words Primal Scream.

The proof of the 96 sheet posters; I saw some in situ near Glasgow airport. I was chuffed.
To the left is some roughs of a comic poster for the Edinburgh festival.

Fragments of a way too modern can design for Carling. Plus some colour photocopier mess ups.

first ideas for a low alcohol Carling brand.

Worked up versions. All unused. Which is fine.

Some offcuts from a branding of a 118 phoneline. Great fun. The flower was a bit of a lift…

? Shoe illustrations!

Rather too many filters etc.

Hot legs! An design idea for a musical mucked about with.

The back cover.

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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