David R: He Suits Those Sirs

Names 2.indd

That is quite a list.

I wonder is obscured by the tie clip?
Always underneath Kate Moss.

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This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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2 Responses to David R: He Suits Those Sirs

  1. janet Mill says:

    Excellent nudes after so long a gap, must have been difficult to sketch with the wrong hand! What were the other students standard compared to you ?
    Cake looked good enough to eat, except for the light sabres.
    Ad. with all the famous names was a fab. idea, shame you covered yours with the tie-pin, I supose you did not want to get big headed.

    • Trevor Mill says:

      Thank you, you can tell how much it means to me. There are some good students, some average and one very good, but in a very controlled style, so rather different from mine. The tutor is inspiringand passionate.
      The cake was very tasty; the kids really devoured it like the six year old climbers they were.
      As for the tie pin, I didn’t want to waste a big name and thought it would get a laugh. Which it did.
      You’ll see my suit soon enough, it’s corking.

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