The best Life drawing I have ever done. Plus a few others.


Last Friday was a real test. I wasn’t happy with the way the session was going, the pub at lunchtime had dulled me and the lack of concentration was translated on the page.
For the last pose of the night 3 pieces of paper were stuck on the wall. The model was in a position to see as the drawing progressed. The work seemed to make itself, it felt like swimming, natural movements. My hands were a mess of colour afterwards. It felt like a real breakthrough.

So, from top: The final image photographed at home. The final pose photogrpahed in situ – you can see marks continue on the wall. The other work, some were photographed really badly hence the colour.

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This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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6 Responses to The best Life drawing I have ever done. Plus a few others.

  1. swrenewal says:

    Great work – Brilliant to see your progress. Hope you keep on with it. Steve x

    • Trevor Mill says:

      Oh yes. I cannot stop myself. Why did I wait so long? I always thought your life drawing was better than mine – ae you still drawing?

      • swrenewal says:

        Maybe one day I’ll get back to drawing. Whenever I go to the woods like I did today, admiring the trees and wanting to draw or paint them.
        Looking at your work took me back a long time, almost 30 years ago when I did life classes.
        Who knows? With having this new space to work in & to exhibit work, might cause me to further my pottery, photography, painting?? Exciting times.

      • Trevor Mill says:

        When you painted on newspaper it was inspirational. People get so caught up with having the ‘right’ equipment, when you just need to roll up your sleeves and get on.
        Woods are tough to draw too many leaves (chuckle).
        There is someone who did English woods / nature brilliantly… Samuel Palmer! (not a memorable name). I’ve seen some close to; very small, dark, over painted and really imbude with spirit. Look him up, he’s something special.

  2. janet Mill says:

    Excellent as usual, nice & free.

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