iPad Painting (for want of a better title).


iPad painting. Acrylics on canvas. Models: IM, AM & EM (multiplied). 70 x 100 cm.

This is for the Digital v Craft exhibition at Golden Sq.

The idea for the work was updating Joseph Wright of Derby’s work (illuminated works documenting modern technological breakthroughs).
The digital part is the iPad; the craft part the ‘painterly’ way of making marks on a surface.
I’ve added some old technology, a Vinyl 7″ single onto the canvas; there was a Compact Disc on as well: they are not even good to paint on, so it was ripped off, you can see the vacant circle around the readers head.

I wanted to add in the idea of time spent / lost while using this type of technology, the way you are absorbed in your own personal world, hence the time lapse duplication.



About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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