Life drawing 8: 15.11.13 The dancer.

This week saw the return of the same model that helped me produce my best life drawing ever (see a past post with that title).
She’s a modern dancer, hence the presence, poise and strength. Even her hair is perfectly balanced. This week featured 2 moving poses, 4 poses of less than 10 minutes and 3 longer set ups. I feel magic happens in work when the there is hardly time to think and things just flow. Hence the evening was fantastic for me.
I smile a lot in the class. It is joyous. A bit like dancing.

P1150226 P1150229 P1150235 P1150236

All these were less than 10 minutes. Acrylics.


I decided to do a drawing in pencil. the pose was fantastic everything was right. But the image was looking like a bad Giacometti, so I decided to do a close up of the head in oil pastel in the last five minutes before the break, time allowed me to put some of the body in and through the te minute break I painted out the pencil / painted in the background. 20 minutes.


The first pose of the night. 20 minutes.


The last pose. 3o minutes. Acrylic put on with Sponge, then brushes. Masking tape to block in some colour.

P1150231  P1150233  P1150245

These were the moving poses. 10 minutes each.

My back ached a fair bit afterwards.

Current recipe to get myself in the ‘zone’ for life classes:
Drinks with work (Salisbury 2 1/2 pints),
2 custard creams,
1 slice of vegan coconut and chocolate cake,
1 expresso.

I’m not sure I liked my beer breath when talking to the rest of the class.
Next time some chewing gum.

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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