Life Class 3: 31/01/14 Lady dancer

two skulls

Some warm up drawings of the skellington while the model warmed up. Trying to make him as lively as possible.

Dancer pondering

The first pose. Trying to leave some gaps.

Dancer x 2 sponge

Sponge and oil pastels. The smaller dancer is her reflection. The sharpness of the elbows was the starting point for the image.

Dancer leaning left

A very dynamic 5 minutes. Testing. The colour is fun. Purposely jarring to go with the pose.

dancer in dramatic pose

3 minutes of frenzy. Apart from the hair colour which was put on while talking to the model in the break.

dancer leaning

Reflections again.

Dancer head

A cropped head from a larger piece. The dancer was in a very compact pose which I find hard to capture with the energy that I want. The work kept on fluctuating between good and smeary to just wrong and messy.

Dancer asleep large

A hour of intense observation, thick daubs and quick decisions. On grey Daler board. A1. As the figure recedes so the marks get smaller.

Dancer foot

A close up of the marks, strokes, slashes and smudges.

Dancer asleep from notes

This was created around 10.30 that night, at home. I’ve since made two more versions, the latest with huge Phillip Guston like feet. Sleeper as landscape.

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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