Life Class 4: 07/02/14. The Professional. Plus 3 works in progress.

This model really cares about his work. It seems that the model really effects the end work, the marks made, the colours.

sleeping male

This week the images were created by having oil pastels taped to long sticks. Drawing 3ft away from the paper made it easier to see the image as a whole. After the framework of the body was worked out, the easel was moved closer to the artist so that smaller details could be made. Also some simplification of the marks was made by the application of acrylic with a sponge, only partially covering up the earlier work.

Reclining man

male with arm around head

The air mail stickers were found on the floor of the studio.

My fair lady

This is a life drawing from last year which has been overworked a fair few times.
At the moment it’s called ‘My Fair Lady’. I’m not sure where it’s going. That is clothes dryer fluff stuck on. The bowl is the cat bowl in the art room.

three graces wait for storm

Again, this is a life drawing from last year with more paint on, again unfinished. This is called ‘The Three Graces Wait For The Storm’. I’m liking the bile green. The brush work reminds me of my three year old self.

seated dancer painting 3

This is a small painting in flux, based on an old life drawing. On it’s third incarnation.

walking dancer

Two other drawings from last Friday. The class was concentrating on mark making. Hence the different approaches.

dancer small marks outline

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This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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