Life Class 8: 070314 The colourful couple

Unexpectedly two models turned up at this Fridays life class.
So much information to get down. No time for mucking about.

colourful couple

The last pose of the night. The image was going to be a mono line drawing in conté pastel until the impetuous decision to clean the palette (an old plate) with a sponge. Hence the amount of bold colour.
45 minutes.

Colourful couple close up

A close up of the regal looking female model.

faceless couple

Having two figures dramatically changed the depth of space in the finished image.
In this pose the rules I gae myself were: to get the pose correct, then the hands right and if I had any more time sort the rest of the image. My body was so near the male model the perspective became very dramatic. My body was also very near the paper, hence the originally very wide foot (which looked fine when standing above it at the time). See close up below.
45 minutes.

faceless couple foot

This complicated balancing act was a real test.
15 minutes.

two models and stick

The use of the stick to connect the models was very useful.
Sponged acrylic with charcoal over the top, hence the ripped, soggy paper.
The far right paint marks are the reflection in the mirror of the lady.

Blue couple with stick

The first pose of the night. The reflection of the man is the best thing about it. See below.

couple and reflection

lone man

I cannot wait for next Friday.

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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One Response to Life Class 8: 070314 The colourful couple

  1. shaunpimlott says:

    Two models is always a challenge. I love the energy the mark making and the colour give to the last pose of the evening.

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