Life drawing 2: 09/05/14 The classic male nude.

male nude recumbent

From my far viewpoint (at the back of the room, stuck in a lift, late for the class and had to fit in behind other artists). A dissatisfaction with my mark making using pencils. I took to an old sponge and some acrylics with abandon. Trying to get the sense of large masculine forms. Frank Auerbach has always been an inspiration, capturing the immediacy of eye hand and material on ground. Painted with the paper taped to the wall.
30 minutes.

male nude seated

I was annoyed at my mark making at the time. So a day later I rubbed out most of it and re-hatched it. I’m still not happy. There’s no grace or modelling in the individual lines, whether it’s lack of patience or motor skills, I find it hard to make a good, considered mark with a pencil. 45 minutes.

Male nde 3 times

Three 10 minute poses. From left to right. The week’s the theme was measurements. Apparently the navel is 6/10ths up an average body… have a look.

Male nude top left on magenta

The warm up pose. Can you sense my lateness? The nervy, quick marks.

Stepping into the void.

10 minutes.

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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