Life drawing 3: 16/05/14 The beautifully coiffured lady


You can see how near the model was. A llittle ‘lens’ distortion. Shame about the lack of feet, being a dancer her feet were good and strong. Some decorative elements. 40 minutes.

Beautifully_coiffured_lady_sitting_close _up

Here’s a close up showing her hair and profile. The diagonal lines are the hints of the easels surrounding the sitter. It was easy to get lost in the model’s hair and forget the rest of the composition.


The last pose of the night. Starting with the feet, to make sure they made the picture. Some concentration on the colour of the outlines. Nice negative space. 30 minutes.


The model holding a ribbon to help with contours / measurement / compostion. The ribbon was purple in real life. This work could have done with an extra hour. 10 minutes.


Three poses on one sheet. Some distortion on the feet due to my proximity to the paper. It’s fun how the ribbon gives it a sense of narritive; it becomes more of a painting than a life study. 10 minutes each.


The first 10 minutes before the class started. Wish I had one at home.

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This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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