Life drawing 5: 30/05/14 (missed a session) The tall blonde lady.

Tall blonde 4 poses with material

Four 15 minute poses on one sheet of mounting board. Using Wedgewood blue acrylic put on with a sponge and two conte pastels, black and very light grey. The theme was material on the model. Really interesting how fabric gives the model context and some kind of historical gravitas.

torso tall blonde

Close ups of the above.

Nice right leg

I do love drawing feet.

Seated tall blonde large

The hour pose. Not 100% successful. A mistake was made early on and not corrected.
The head somehow isn’t ‘right’. So I made some sketches to work out where I was going wrong.

Seated tall blonde portrait sketch

The shoulder is pleasing small. The model was at least 15 years younger than this makes her. 5 minutes.

Seated tall blonde very quick small

A very quick sketch right in the end minute. George Baselitz?

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2 Responses to Life drawing 5: 30/05/14 (missed a session) The tall blonde lady.

  1. Really lovely blue drawings!

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