Life drawing 9: 27.06.14 The curvy lady

This week the painting were made on the floor. The paper I use is too big for the easel boards. The low angle gave the works a bit of drama and some complicated decisions about relative sizes of feet and heads.

crvy lady seated 2

The last pose of the night. The red makes the rug she is sitting on look very solid.
Not usually painting precise skin tones I’ve been daring myself  to get nearer to the real colour of skin, without spending precious minutes faffing about mixing endles pinks with a hint of blue / yellow. 35 mins.

curvy lady seated 1

The first pose of the night. The head was much better, it got smudged taking it home. The left hand looks rather wrong – but that’s how I saw it. This work was started on the easel and moved to the floor a third of the way through; a big perspective shift – hence the traces of different feet and hands. The light was changing fast as well. A good challenge. 45 mins.

curvy lady seated 3 full

This always felt like a good pose, with the low perspective making the model look like  a heroic sculpture. 15 mins.

curvy lady seated 3

A close up of the above.

curvy lady standing


A ten minute study.

Nice and quiet. The colours work well.

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This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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