Gargunnock House, Stirling, Scotland

Stirling Gargannock portraits

This summer 16 of us rented a manor house in Scotland for a week. The many rooms were full of paintings of the former owners long lineage. Having an A3 sketchbook to hand, all the family tree ended up on one page. Plus some of the bearded and extravagantly horned stuffed goats.

Stirling Gngnnock piano room

The main room was rather large. Each time I had a few minutes, a chair would be placed in a certain position and sketching would commence. Each time a different coloured pencil would be used. WH Smith’s do a pack of 20 for around £3.

It was enjoyable and impossible trying to work out the perspective. A view like this is overwhelming in it’s complexity, hence taking it bit by bit seemed to work.


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