Museum Of London: Sherlock Holmes web game.

The original homepage. The headline text faded in and out.
The design works perfectly on laptop, tablet and mobile.


A sample of game pages. The headline type fades after 5 seconds. Rather atmospheric.
The woodblock typeface was printed and scanned in quite a while ago now. There are lots of different impressions and amounts of ink / paint of each character. Nice.

Sherlock_sign-up-page_141118_rgb  Sherlock_MasterTemplate_141120_rgb-b Sherlock_MasterTemplate_141120_rgb-c  Sherlock_MasterTemplate_141120_rgb--h   Sherlock_MasterTemplate_141120_rgb-f  Sherlock_MasterTemplate_141120_rgb-g Sherlock_MasterTemplate_141120_rgb-d  Sherlock_MasterTemplate_141120_rgb-e    Sherlock_MasterTemplate_141120_rgb-z

Created with super coder / writer Darren, super account lady Nazz & super account person Malcolm.

Close ups of the suspects. All but one were drawn from life, then exaggerated to fit the mood. notice the colour coding.

Marie Devine  Hugh Boone  Mary Watson Mortimer Tregennis  Violet Smith  Shinwell Johnson

Close ups of the murder weapons.

accupuncture needle  Aconite  CobblestoneCrowbar  heart attack   Poisoned Syringe

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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