Life Drawing 7: 27,02.15. Andrew & his Torso.

Andrew in blues on brownAndrew has a great torso. He has modelled at the British museum amongst the statues. The classical look of his musculature gives drama to any image of him. Nice guy too. This took 15 minutes. Painted over an average drawing. You can see the old hand on the left.

Andrew expessionist

This pose brought out a German expressionist feel. At the time it didn’t  look too distorted. I might put some colour washes on the background. You can see the three ‘boxers reach’ muscles underneath his armpit. 30 minutes.

Andrew times two

Two 15 minute poses. Rivers of muscles.

Andrew on donkeyOldacres, my favourite printers have given me some outrageously nice paper. What a colour. Deep Claret Colorplan by GF Smith, 270(?) gsm. The brush strokes are trying to go with the line of the muscle tone. The colours chosen were to make the image flat, letting the marks and tones do the work of making the image 3D.

Skull on gold paper

Shiny gold paper! This was made in the 20 minutes before the lesson. I should do more on this.

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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2 Responses to Life Drawing 7: 27,02.15. Andrew & his Torso.

  1. salwaadlyy says:

    Amazing.I know nothing about art but these are just beautiful and i love the colours. These are just amazing and i am looking forward to your upcoming posts. Great blog 🙂

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