Life drawing 6: 17.02.15. The Zabludowicz Collection

This is a drop in class on Wednesdays in Kentish Town.

The Zabludowicz Collection is a very nice space, in an old church but without the camaraderie of the Mary Ward. It seemed a fair bit quieter, due to the height of the ceiling and that as it wasn’t a course no-one seemed to have a connection to anyone else. People were friendly in the break.

Zabludowicz Collection SeatedPainting is not allowed so pastels were used instead. This piece was worked on afterwards.
30 minutes in the class and about 20 minutes at home.

Zabludowicz Collection standing 2 and 3
The warm up pose. The large face was quickly sketched in the last minute. The model wore wrist warmers, which gave the images some graphic strength. Pastels. 15 minutes.
Zabludowicz Collection standing back
I’ was pleased this pose got fixed in the last minute with the strong red oil pastel. The squares were mirrors on the floor, some artwork. 15 minutes.

Zabludowicz Collection standing legs
This pose was is always on the edge of balance. The model was standing on a box. 15 minutes.

Zabludowicz Collection interior 2  A very quick sketch before the class started. 5 minutes.

Zabludowicz Collection standing 1  A graphic looking off-cut. 5 minutes.

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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