Life Drawing 06.03.15. Barry on claret. Plus more Skellington.

Skellington Skull Skellington 070315 Barry with his back to us Barry as the blind travellerBarry as blind manBarry and his feet

The evening was a great release after a stressful day.

Mr Skellington was added to in the breaks. Barry was a nice chap who looked to me like an Elizabeth Frink figure come to life.

The seated pose took 20 minutes.

The last pose  which you could call ‘The Blind Pilgrim’ took 1hour 20 minutes. In real life it was a broom; I thought ‘The Blind Caretaker’ didn’t sound as good. So the brush was left out. I’ve purposely heightened the perspective; I was kneeling for the painting. I think you can see how near I was from the ‘lens warp’. Again, the paper was a joy to work on. Good on you GF Smith and my printer, Oldacres.

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4 Responses to Life Drawing 06.03.15. Barry on claret. Plus more Skellington.

  1. jeffhaynes says:

    Great effect with the “lens warp.”

  2. pfelelep2 says:

    very impressive model, and wonderful painting indeed o_o

  3. Trevor Mill says:

    Thank you, he’s the strong silent type. I’ve just posted the latest version of Mr. Skellington.

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