Life drawing 10: 20.03.15. 2 models.

As soon as you have two figures in space your mind creates a narrative.
The act of having to describe the space between the models give the image grounding. These are not people floating in space but real humans in a real room.

2 ladies on gold
This gold paper is quite something to work with. It makes a dramatic composition even stronger. 50 minutes.

2 ladies on red rug
The last pose. There’s some distortions, some on purpose (moving the figures closer, making the nearest foot bigger) some not (The length of the nearest legs). The legs at the top make the composition to me. The smears are cleaning the palette; I hate wasting paint. 50 minutes.

2 ladies x5

5 poses of 5 minutes each. The model was very near in the largest image. So much so her face distorted on the page, becoming longer  than it should have been. The stick was not red. Making it red give the composition rhythm. It might be fun to put this in photoshop and make them into another composition; this time in perspective and landscape.

Mr Skellington v4The final? version of Mr Skellington. More work on the ribs. Again made in the minutes before the class started, at a different angle than the week before. I like the idea of the same pose, same model, same artist and differing space between the two.

I may well be having an exhibition of some of these works in September.



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