Pop design: With love.

“Why Is This Happening?” is a song about immigration in the UK from the immigrants point of view.

The #WITHlove2015UK campaign is a music-led initiative to release a song to raise awareness and fight back against the growing anti-immigration and often racist rhetoric prevalent with UK politicians and the media. We want to change the tune of the one-note anti-immigration rhetoric during the UK election.”

CD promo cover.
The idea: The colours conflict in the middle closing a door on Pola’s defiant image. The colour choice references the Union Jack.

With Love cd artwork v4a

CD promo back cover.

With Love cd artwork v4 b

Facebook strip.

with love uk v1 typeface 2

Different logos and copy blocks. As you can see originally the campaign had a lighter feel. The client came up against problems, people thinking it was a UKIP thing rather than an Anti-UKIP thing.

with love uk v1-5 extras

A quick original typeface, let’s call it ‘Jaunty Jack’.

with love uk v1 typeface 2-14


See withlove2015uk.com for more.

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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