Self Portrait 40, 42, & 45.

Trevor Mill 40 42 45

The end product. Oil paint on canvas, painted wooden frame.

This has been sent in to the Ruth Borchard self-portrait prize.

The work 40, 42, & 45 was painted over the last 5 years, with a nod to Dorian Gray. This painting has grown old with me, being revised every now and then.
The bored and or angry look from the sitter is a result of the concentration of staring at a mirror. I’ve used this work as a testing-ground for ideas on colour, texture, focus and perspective. I hope you like it.

Trevor Mill 40 42 45 earlier versions sm

Four of the earlier states. You can see the influences of 1. a new paint thinners called Zest, 2. Otto Mueller,  3. Jean De Buffet 4. Rembrandt

Trevor Mill 40 42 45 close up 2

There is a little bit of spangly blue and gold nail varnish on the eye and the watch.

Trevor Mill 40 42 45 close up 3

This shows some of the texture. This came about when mucking about with a palette knife.

Trevor Mill 40 42 45 close up

A close up of the face. The colours are fighting and working together at the same time.


About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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2 Responses to Self Portrait 40, 42, & 45.

  1. maseyo25 says:

    You are a true artist, I like what you did with the oil, I mainly use acrylic but I just may switch to oil seeing your self portrait.

    • Trevor Mill says:

      Thank you. Oil takes some getting used to, but due to the translucence of the medium, can give a depth of colour more satisfying than plastic based acrylics. Good luck!

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