Life Drawing 12.06.15: Gamze in drapery

This week concentrated on the figure in drapery. The way material lies on the body can tell you what is underneath. Directions of creases delineate form.

A strong frenetic 15 minutes.Gamze in drapery v1

A play with pink and the most neutral light green. Colours were used to create balance and lead you through the image. The last pose of the night– the heat was sapping the energy.
40 minutes. 
Gamze sitting torso jacket

A close up of the above. I’m pleased with my jacket in the background.Gamze portrait crop


50 minutes of activity. I’m using Farrow and Ball tester pots. The red was overwhelming so it was knocked back with the light green. A full on scramble to get all the information down. The colour on the body is rather jolly. Rectangles move through the painting, from the screen in the mirror onwards.Gamze mr skellington torso potplant mirror

10 minutes, in the first minute, a large brush and a lot of ink was put on paper. This was adjusted with grey oil pastel.Gamze standing with drapery

The image was finished of in photoshop, with slabs of colour. 15 minutes.Gamze standing with drapery 3

Around a minute.Gamze profile quick

Two other images 20 minutes and three minutes.
Gamze standing firstGamze reclining portrait

Mr Skellington. Made in the 30 minutes before the lesson starts.Mr Skellington in my jacket

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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7 Responses to Life Drawing 12.06.15: Gamze in drapery

  1. inari says:

    Stunning colours, I especially love the pink – its so vibrant.

  2. pfelelep says:

    I’m really amazed and inspired each time I stumble to your artworks. Thank you so much for sharing.

  3. Wonderful, I really like the quick, energetic lines. They bring some ‘life’ to the life drawing 🙂

    • Trevor Mill says:

      Thanks. The vigorous marks are important to me. I find the ‘little measurements building up a framework’ type of drawing to be a bore in the end. That style makes everything from a bunch of bananas to Orson Welles look the same. Reacting to the human in-front of me is whatI’m about.

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