Life Drawing 26.06.15. Robin the character actor.

This week was about composition.
Robin, as entertaining as always, brought some props and the studio was adorned with the materials of a tavern scene in 17th Century Holland. The lesson consisted of 5 ten minute poses, followed by the same poses, this time the poses were held for 20 minutes.

Robin composition 260615

I’d like to work on this a lot more. I was trying to make the genre scene have a contemporary feel, making strange connections and quirky balance between the figures and objects; as well as having a sense of strong perspective without using receding lines. The man is no more having liquid poured into his hat as he has a violinist standing on his head.
Acrylic on gold paper. Laid on with overloaded small brushes, the figure in the foreground having medium sized brushes.

Below are the initial ten minute sketches.

Colin erly sketches

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