Holiday sketches.

These are from sketchbooks and a work notepad that accompanied me on my trips camping and to Ireland.

A rainy day drawing.


Reading in bed.

While people were chatting…

A torso.

IM torso

And the head to go with it.

IM headFinn

Pevensy beach. Quite a normal image for me.

Pevensey Bay 1

A beach garden.

Pevensey Bay 2

A portrait head in acrylic.


Children playing cards.

Kids playing cards

Some portraits.


There were more of these, drawn on pizza box insides (a good medium for campfire felt tip pen portraits) but these weren’t photographed and were given away to the sitters.

This is a page of my daughter’s comic creations.

IM comic

And this is one of my son’s view of Pevensy beach.

AM penvensy bay

These are from the Irish holiday. The result of the scribble game. Make a scribble, give it to someone else and they have to make an image out of it.

Notebook 1

The brilliant toads are by my daughter.

Notebook 2

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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