Life Drawing 23/10/15: The Spanish lady.

Two canvases were doing nothing in the art room for a few years, so why not bring them to the life drawing class and put some paint on them?

This was the last pose. 1 hour. The colours get more life-like as I progress. The tone is put down first, then the shape, detail, then the finally if there is enough time the ‘right’ colour.

Manuella seated on canvas

The orange was painted earlier in the day with a sponge soaked in paint. Blue outlines; the only thing I’ve learnt from Renoir. The model had great hair to draw. 15 minutes.

Manuella standing crop material

15 minutes. The wax crayon was put on in the 10 minute break. Notice the distortion on the foot caused by the paper being so far away from my eye. The profile on the left was made from the reflection of the model in the mirror.

Manuella standing x2

A strange idea. The first pose which in my haste did not fit the paper. So the other parts of the body fitted on the rest of the page.

As you see the separate drawings don’t quite go together.

Manuella standing first pose 2Manuella standing first pose 1

Another canvas to use. This was covered with plaster which has flaked a bit. This skull will be worked on in the coming weeks. It was painted in the minutes before the class started, with whatever colours came out of the bag first.

Mr Skellington on canvas

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