Life drawing 06/11/15: Alice & Mr Skellington

This might be the best (and hardest) pose to draw in 10 minutes.
I kept on thinking, ‘I have to do this justice’.Alice with staff

A dynamic pose with some distortion (on my part).Alice turning

This painting went through so many changes. The model was where the skeleton is now.
Talk about frenetic. There are mistakes and distortions, which didn’t bother me foronce.
I think I could work on this for a very long time. Titled Eurydice?

This work took an hour in tandem with the painting on canvas below.
Notice George the cat making a guest appearance.


Alice as Eurydice 2

Alice canvas detail

Here’s the same model as Diana, the huntress at my exhibition.
Thought to be the best thing in the show by a few people.


Here’s Mr. S in his third state. Nearly there…mr s portrait on canvas

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2 Responses to Life drawing 06/11/15: Alice & Mr Skellington

  1. docrichie says:

    I like Mr S. I am in my ‘grey period’. Monochrome or grey is a much neglected value in the constant quest by the world for “colourful”! Colour is such a subjective and indeterminate thing, it should mean something, I feel. There is something magical about black & white photography for example that colour photos never get near to. Maybe it’s pure nostalgia but I honestly don’t think so. Not many mammals see in colour, so B&W might touch some primeval nerve. You’ve got me thinking now! I might expand on these thoughts in my own blog soon. Thanks for the idea..

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