Life drawing 27/11/15: Clifford sets the scene

The model charged the atmosphere this week with a technique of saying an excerpt from a scene in a play before freezing into a pose. This gave the pose a context, a strong starting point from which to cover the blank page.

This image meshes the pre class drawing of the new skellington (who’s got a rather more scary disposition due to his spring loaded jaw) with Clifford (his words before the pose went along the lines of ‘I cannot explain it any more simply than that’), plus two of my fellow life drawing class. The media is a mix of acrylics and some new expensive pencils. 15 and 30 minutes.

Clifford Mr Skellington plus figures

The first pose of the night. The colours are to resonate with the expression of the model. The words before the pose were ‘Not like that!’ 20 minutes.

Clifford shocked

3 15 minute poses. I’m happy with the Autumnal palette. It seemed to suit. The close up of the hands and bottom is from the right image above it.

Clifford 3 times plus hands

The perspective is a bit strong, the hands could be better… but the pink is pretty.

Clifford the loneliness of the uphill canoeist

Finally, a napkin drawing of some friends having a morning coffee.

Alpha coffee gang

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2 Responses to Life drawing 27/11/15: Clifford sets the scene

  1. pfelelep says:

    A model I wish I can meet and draw indeed.
    Beautiful dtawings of yours, thank you for sharing.

  2. Trevor Mill says:

    Thanks, he really was a good guy. He had a great voice too. It feels good to share. It makes me good work I want to show as well.

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