Diana the huntress. Versions 2 & 3.

Diana final v2

Version 3. It seems important to get the depth of colour. Oil paint and expensive pencil on paper. Below is an earlier, lighter state.

Diana v3 proportion

Version 2. Not the mannerist distending of the arm making the arm bow-like. The head is smaller too. Make in acrylic and expensive pencil. The same size as above. The stars are more prominent on this version, denoting an astrological sign.

Diana v2 mannerist

The original sketch made from life and twice the size. The blue version is how she appeared in my latest exhibition.

Alice profile with handAlice

Some of my reference material for this piece.

DSCF1019 37e9f40c94ce0030a642030a27361b33 The-Huntress-diana-rigg-23333395-459-5009553article-1358923-0D204F27000005DC-871_306x423

BON44130 Diana the Huntress (oil) by Stahl, Friedrich (1863-1940); Private Collection; Photo © Bonhams, London, UK; German, in copyright until 2011

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