Life Drawing 4: Joe & measurements

This week’s theme was measurement choosing parts of the body to use as markers.
Little stickers were placed on the model to aid navigation. It made me feel like a student again, in a good way. The rigour of preliminary point drawing paid off handsomely, especially in the small middle pose. The length of the model’s legs got out of hand in the right hand pose due to the size of the paper and my viewpoint; after trying to make it ‘right’ in Photoshop, it seemed right to leave it the way it is.
A sequence of 4 poses all around 15 minutes; first left then right then middle then middle top. Acrylics and conté pastel.

Joe times four in blues measurements 050216

A 40 minute pose. If only the composition was a tad more dynamic; the viewpoint lower and the figure to the right of the page, looking into space.
Joe perched on white material

The last pose. 30 minutes. The thought was to make a sensitive intricate pencil study of torso like a Bach piano piece, with the hands as the start and end of the image… then the paints came out, like gatecrashers and changed the mood to Iggy and the Stooges.
That’s how the moments go.torso of Joe cropped in hot pink and blue

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