Life drawing 06.05.16. ‘A’ The lady dancer in oils.

This week oil paint and paper met with a lot of non toxic turps substitute.
The interaction was sometimes frustrating but gives these works a different feel than the usual acrylic marks.

The model, ‘A’  is fantastic and has been the star of many compositions. The artwork has to live up to what you want to capture, with ‘A’ the picture should reflect her serenity and strength. In this piece the reflection and the dynamism of the stance were main starting points. This will be worked on later in the year. No title as yet…  50 minutes.

A on seated reflected with blue

A close up of the foot showing the blurring of the oil paint, the intensity of the colour, the smears of the compressed charcoal.

A foot in oil

Two figures. The oil was soaking into the paper in interesting ways. The ribbon was wrapped around ‘A’ to highlight the horizontal. There is a nice balance in these two poses. 15 minutes each.

A twice in blue and magenta with ribbon

‘A’ in profile. A way of capturing the profile that is akin to sculpting away until the right lines are found. Made at the same time as the above.

A in profile in magenta oil

A reflection. 20 minutes.

A and reflections in magentas and blue

The first image of the night. You can see the struggle with the paint on paper, so much different to oils on canvas. 20 minutes.

A in magentas


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