Life drawing 20.05.16. ‘A’ & ‘M’ in pencil Plus Mr. Skellington.

Posh coloured pencils this week as a client meeting earlier meant I had my smart clothes on; they would have attracted oil paint.

The two models were fantastic to draw, their physiques and personalities being quite different all that was needed was to record the relationship; the narrative / design would reveal itself.

This is the hour long pose. It will be worked on later. Drawn from the floor.Andrew reclined and Mike seated

This is something not tried for a while. Bringing the image into photoshop and adding colour blocks helps solve some problems in the composition. I like a clock in the design which shows when the drawing was made… 6:37pm.

Andrew stance 1 plus hand and Mike seated twice

For this work the old challenge of not taking the pencil off the paper was tried. There was no thought to planning or proportion. In the moment. A fellow artist is in the background.

Andrew Mike automatic drawing

A new drawing of Mr Skellington. To be continued…

Mr Skellington v6 a

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2 Responses to Life drawing 20.05.16. ‘A’ & ‘M’ in pencil Plus Mr. Skellington.

  1. Loved the subtle Clock!

  2. Trevor Mill says:

    The passing of time…
    As near as I want to get to symbolism.

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