Airplanes: inflight entertainment. Summer holiday sketchbooks 5.

There’s a fair few of these drawings.
A great way to while away the time in the air in between water and crackers.
Don’t watch the Revenant on a plane next to a kid btw.

E and I and large Canadian on Plane b


The size difference was rather comical. The Canadian was HUGE.
E has perfected the jetlagged look.

TM right hand portrait on plane

There is always your hand when the models are playing Candy Crush.

I twice on plane to Canada

I’s hat and the blast of heaven from the window made for some dramatic lighting.

I on a plane watching the movie Martian


So that’s what it looks like in a iPhone camera.

I watching another comic book adaptation.

I on plane on phone with headphones

The light changed (the inside lights were turned down, hence the differing colours.

head of I with headphones

Any reflective surface will do.

Self portrait in pencil by TM 2016

E and a 5 year old’s restless energy.

E sleepy watching Snoopy on WestJet To Toronto 2016 DSCF4916

A immersed in the iPad.

A on plane

Finally my wonderful K.Watching Deadpool next to a 5 years old. Mummy why is …

K on plane watching Deadpool

Notice her ultra cool green Adidas Sl 73’s. I now have three pairs.

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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