Saints in the café.

saints-in-the-cafe-230916aThese are two local gentlemen. One wears Rasta clothes and nail varnish, the other a nice fedora. Both have walking sticks, which gave me a link to bring them into the same image.

Media used: Wood base, acrylic, pencils, metallic paint, gold paint, silver paint, mod lodge (a painting glue), gesso, white gold leaf, retoucher’s varnish, spangly nail varnish, oil paint thinned with liquin and spray varnish.


Here’s a close up, showing the varnish and mod podge, giving a depth acrylic doesn’t usually have, also see how the pencils and acrylic work together.


This saint has bad eyesight, hence the blurred technique. The size of the hands are consciously large and expressive.

saints-1st-state saints-2nd-state saints-3rd-state
These are 3 earlier states. The painting became calmer as it went along.

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