Life drawing 1. Exercises.

Back into another session of life drawing at the wonderful Mary Ward Centre.
Nice to see some familiar faces.

Drawn with both hands at once on an  A3 cardboard envelope. 10 minutes.lady-drawn-in-two-hands-at-once
The other side of the envelope.

A drawing exercise where we screwed the paper up first. made with a ‘claw hand’.
A3. 15 minutes.lady-on-clumped-paper
A large oil sketch. The first creation of the night. 20 minutes.
There is a solidity of build, but not much finesse.

Drawing exercises. The blue figure was created with my right hand.
The red figure made with a long brush, holding at its furthest point.drawing-right-hand-lady-claw-hand-lady

A canvas 36cm high x 32cm wide. Oil painting.
Nice structure but too messy and muddy for me. A starting point for more painting.lady-in-oils-small

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