Life drawing 2. Size and speed.

This Friday questions of size and speed were going round in my head.

Size as I want to get my smaller work to have the same passion as the large pieces. Speed in that I want to communicate the length of the pose in the marks made; compare painting below to the boxer pose later in the post.


Man & skull. Acrylic on small canvas. A muted palette. A sense of solidity and tension.

Two exercises. Painting from the inside of the figure and painting the shapes around the figure. The interesting colourful splodges are the smearing of the palette at the end of the session. I hate throwing paint away.


The penitent. This was drawn on the floor below the model. This could be a good start for a religious painting of some sort. The pose reminds my of the donors in the corners of pre renaissance religious art. Japanese ink and conté pastel.

The warm up pose. Painted in Japanese ink with acrylic added at the end.
Started from the neck, which was a mistake.

The pugilist. The ink came in handy to intimate the speed. Put on with a sponge, it quickly laid the foundations for the rest of the work. Acrylic added for highlights.

A fun bonus sketch of a workmate on a conference call.

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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One Response to Life drawing 2. Size and speed.

  1. Luke Otley says:

    Love your work and the descriptions, it helped me get more of an idea of process and method. I especially liked the pugilist and penitent.

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