Life drawing 4 technique & colour

A small square canvas. It’s frustrating painting at such a scale. Like threading a needle.There are some nice passages. The pink legs are due to the heater at the bottom middle of the work. The legs of a fellow artist are top centre, giving the whole work some much needed perspective. The model was very pleased with this work. Acrylic on canvas. 1 hour.

Left: The first drawing the night; running out of space on the paper for the head it was drawn on another part of the paper and connected in photoshop.Pencil.  20 mins. Right: An exercise in brevity. We were only allowed a few marks per minute. Acrylic. 15 mins.
.smiling-lady-first-drawing-adapted  smiling-lady-in-blue-brushstrokes

Left: Again only  few marks were allowed. People really seemed to like this one. 10 mins. Right: This is going into the realm of illustration, but still with some structure. 10 mins.
smiling-lady-standing-in-red   smiling-lady-strides-out-in-red-and-blue

A 10 minute drawing with the painting created in a 30 minute break.
The bright, light colours reflect the model who seemed to be smiling throughout the poses. The shift of weight is interesting.smiling-lady-seated-with-red-background

A 10 minute painting on sugar paper.  Made with a sponge loaded with acrylic and pencil.smiling-lady-standing-on-sugar-paper

Mr Skellington had another 10 minutes of posing before the model started.

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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