Life Drawing 4. Against Stasis & Procrastination

Here’s a bunch of quick poses made with pencils.
The styles vary wildly, veering into a graphic look I haven’t shown much since college. Maybe it wasn’t the dead end I thought it was, married to sharper draughtsmanship.

Starting with an idea or set of rules always helps.
The rules for this piece: Start in the middle, work outwards and across, moulding not outlines and two shades of red only. 
The hands are slightly wrong but as a piece it has a atmosphere, a sense of care.

Below is a radical ’15 marks’ drawing created in 5 minutes. Leaps of faith.


Next is a angular construction on sugar paper, made with the same rules.
Trying to make the colour do some of the work.angular-lady-in-15-marks-colours

The first work of the night. Around the halfway point a realisation that the balance of the pose didn’t work made me have a radical rethink. The red marks are the first five minutes.
There is always time to work  things out; the old work is not lost and helps with the improvement. The lurking, sulky enemies of art are stasis and procrastination – the nearest I get to a cat poster.angular-lady-on-standing-sugar-paper

This work is a bit like turning the guitar right up and having a good thrash; something from the ‘Blood & Chocolate’ LP by Elvis Costello?angular-lady-sitting-with-back-to-us

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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