Life drawing bonus: Caravaggio night at the Dark Arts.

It’s not every night you end up in a crypt drawing Jesus being flagellated.

Dark Arts- Caravaggio

Join us for an evening of violent beauty and drama as we create scenes inspired by the master of dark arts himself, all set against the intensely atmospheric interior of the amazing Crypt Gallery under St Pancras Church in the heart of Euston. We will be joined by John Close, tutor and Caravaggio super fan for a master class in chiaroscuro. So get your cloak and daggers at the ready for some murderous drawing action.

Made while kneeling on the crypt floor with the sound of monks chanting (on tape) and the roar of the Kings Cross traffic bleeding in from outside.

The second drawing. Focus on the emotion of the scene. A lot of historical weight: religion, art and the act of torture.


The first image. Drawn of prepared paper. ‘Jesus’ took up a second position 2/3rds of the way through, hence the sense of confusion, which helped give the image some life. I wanted this picture to be grubby, layered  and dirty as the subject is not dainty.


Some close ups.




The inspirations behind the poses.
image6-770x566 6ba9bd03550116600b14f1ad2cfb838b



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