Life drawing 3. Exercises…

After the drama of the Caravaggio sketch night, the next session back at the wonderful Mary Ward Centre was relaxed and featured no severing of heads. Which was nice.
The model was just a great model in a room rather than a symbol or story.

In the final image of the night I tried to draw and paint with care and lightness; in response to all that baroque darkness. Neater marks might have been better. Maybe next time.

A detail showing the different textures and media.
Compressed charcoal, acrylic, pencils and oil pastels on a large sheet of heavy paper.


The cropping, colours and the order in which they were put down was thought about beforehand. 50 minutes.


The first half of the night concentrated on experiments.
From top left:
A scrunched up piece of sugar paper and charcoal.
Using both hands holding a pice of charcoal.
Using both hands, each with their own piece of charcoal.
Using my right hand; I’m a complete lefty (obviously).
The first quick drawing / painting.
Drawing not looking at the paper.

h-standing-in-charcoal-on-scrunched-paper h-for-times-in-charcoal

h-standing-in-black-pencil h-standing-in-charcoal-and-acrylic h-standing-in-red-pencil

A really good work out.

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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3 Responses to Life drawing 3. Exercises…

  1. Palmira G.Q. says:

    Interesting results! Just talking with another artist about using one hand or the other for different line styles.

  2. Chloe says:

    These are really beautiful.

  3. Trevor Mill says:

    Thank you two very much. Drawing experiments are fun and take the nervousness out of some artists work. The rest of the class had some great works form these exercises.

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