Sketches made when waiting…

A self portrait in a little mirror. I like being a bit unflattering with myself. No hairbrush, early night or shave for me. The eye is closed as the mirror was so near the two eyes were giving differnet views. Made while waiting for my youngest to do his homework…Self portrait in 20 minutes pencilSome nice flowers, the sketch I had just made, a glass of water and my son’s arm. Still doing his homework.flower in pencil with arm of Ed

My niece is in a fantastic group of musicians called Quintetta. They were playing a lunchtime concert in a beautiful Wren designed Church, St. Stephen Walbrook’s in the City of London. Really well played and arranged. There was also an exhibition of Francis Bacon works in the church! These Bacon drawings are contested but not bad (the signatures are rather large…). at St Stephen Walbrook Church 210317
Here’s a close up.
Detail of Quintetta at St Stephen Walbrook Church 210317

Here’s some sketches made on a weekend away with my trusty Palimino Blackwing pencil.
I’m happy now that people do not stand still for me. Just put down what you see infront of you.

On the ferry from the Isle of Wight…kate on the ferry
In a treehouse waiting for pizza to cook…
inside the treehouse
Waiting for the roast potatoes.
Living room earlier
Waiting for the Isle of Wight ferry to take us back to the mainland.waiting for the isle of wight ferry
Lastly, I do like photographing work at unusual angles.
detail of self portrait 190317

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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1 Response to Sketches made when waiting…

  1. Timo says:

    great sketches. Im a graphic designer and artist also.

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