Life Drawing 2. Wrong hand? Wrong media?

A found pot of ink and a pipette. Lessons on drawing with your ‘wrong’ hand, drawing without looking at the paper, drawing on crumpled paper, drawing with both hands.

The last hour was spent doing this composition, with my fellow artists in the background.
I liked the skull and handbag. There’s a lot of connections and rhythms in the painting,

Gret Skellington Anna and Mark

Here the model bcomes audience while an artist watches. Crumpled paper on paper.
This left part of the image was made with both hands at once, the left hand held a black stick of charcoal, the righ a blue conté pastel.

Gret twice with artist

Usingthe pipette was tricky and left a pool of ink on the floor. The acrylic fleshtones went on int the break.

Gret with drips

The image on the left was made while not looking at the subject, the one on the righ was made with my right (wrong) hand only.

without looking and wrong hand

This artwork consisted only of upward strokes on sugarpaper.

Gret in black and white on camel

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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