Life Drawing 4 & 5: Two male sessions.

This is on silver sprayed paper (I hate spray painting – it’s noxious).
The models head was very near, hence the heightened perspective. There was a conscious decision to leave the background blank. Wings could be added. There is as allusion to a Warhol Suicide screen print (the one of the lady on a car roof).
Acrylics, oil pastel, pencil. 1 hour.


A detail of the above.

Icarus detail

Man with skull.
The colours are great on this, but there is something very ugly about the composition.

Saint Jerome in pink and orange

Red & blue.
The first image of the night. The initial marks were made with a sponge roller.
Quick and fluid. Slightly mannerist.

Saint Jerome in blue and red

A quick pencil sketch.

offcut made on tube

Another Friday night at the Mary Ward Centre. Another great model.
Two figures. I liked the artist behind the model, she turns up a fair bit as a foil to the muscular naked model. Two 15 minutes.

Adrian twice with admirer

These two poses reflect how the models position changes my art. One is light and dreamy, the other sharp and scrappy.

Adrian twice with admirer part 1

A violent as I get in painting. The raised foot is pleasing it’s roughness.

Adrian from behind

Painted from the floor, looking up. This should have been better.

Adrian from the floor

A detail of the above. This model always brings a defiant look to his work.

Adrian from the floor portrait

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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2 Responses to Life Drawing 4 & 5: Two male sessions.

  1. anka ri says:

    I love you expressive style, really.

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