Hemingway 3. The finished work.

  • Ernest Hemingway,
    The Gulf Stream
    Sun over the yard arm
    1947Final Ernest NAME please 060517So here it is.
    A long time. A lot of thought. A fair few marks.

    Some notes on the work.
    The work is made from oil paint with a lot of liquin and pencils
    The quality of the paint was suggeted by the thought that the work would be transported to it’s home rolled up in a tube.
    The perspective and amount of ceiling is a thought about thinking space and the need have room over the figure, to let the subject breathe.
    The realistic handling of the subject reflects the writer’s stylised realism.
    The colour choice reflects the deep blue sea rather than the brash mahogany of the real boat.
    The prominent skylight is a reference to Hemingway’s near fatal experience in Shakespeare & Son, Paris. See here for more.
    The fishing reel in the foreground is a bespoke one from the 1930’s.
    The drinking hand is an amalgam of 4 different hands.
    The artwork took just over a year on and off.
    It will be framed in America (yes I have given instructions – I am also happy to see what the framer can do).

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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