Holiday Art 3. Derbyshire Landscapes.

The landscape of derbyshire is dramatic in the the summertime, the exuberence of the heather, the texture of the gritstone, the abundance of greens, all topped by the big busy sky.

All paintings / drawings  are from my A3 sketchbook.  The making of them consisted of acrylic washes drawn over with my trusty Albrecht Dürer (!) Faber Castell pencils.

Derbyshire wild swimming spot Three Shires Head Dane
A day out to the Three Shires. A wonderful cascade of water. I set myself up next to the foot bridge and drank in the perspective of the view, helped by the large amount of people doing the same. The water was FREEZING obviously.

Padley Gorge Quarry 1

Thanks to Geckos kids climbing, my children were working their up this quarry near the magical Padley Gorge. I had some time on my hands so made these two works from  different viewpoints. The place had real presence and it was great to see how well the kids progressed. Onwards and Upwards!

Padley Gorge Quarry 2

Derbyshire Birchen Edge 1 with Ed
My youngest ‘snippering’ some paper at the wonderful Nelson’s monument.
The colour and composition is more abstract than the previous day’s work.
The climbing was wonderful to watch. It’s hard to believe I made it up there as well.

Derbyshire Birchen Edge 2
A view from the top of Nelson’s Monument. Quickly made, reflecting the ever changing weather at the top of the rocks.
This was meant to be in black and white. The colour are very garish in real life.

Photographic evidence…


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