Life Drawing 13.10.17. On dark ground.

Getting to the Mary Ward Centre early, I picked my place, set my easel up and painted both sheets of paper a very dark grey (a Valspar tester pot named ‘La Plancha’).

The living, the dead and the plastic, reflected.
Adrian Mr Skellinton and bust reflected a

The amount of information in front of me was overwhelming, so some decisions had to be made to let the composition breathe. The easels were reduced to lines, a blank space was created to the right (there was an artist painted in at one point) and the colour range was restricted to pastels.
The simple palette was of cream and grey with a little red, blue and white mixed in; all finished off with a black pencil to define the image.
Starting the work felt like dive from a high board into a pool.
The horizontal lines are masking tape.

A detail of Mr. Skellington
Mr Skellington detail

A model and artist (reflected).

Adrian 4 times me once

The first four poses were rendered on on large sheet of paper. I saw myself reflected and decided to do a homage to Velazquez. Being rather left handed I started at the right and worked left, getting larger each time.

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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  1. Clever–and successful!

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