27.10.17. Jay, tall and poetic.

I’ve used Jay’s real name as he’ not shy. See Instagram #jay_life_model
He’s tall and poetic in demeanor.

Jay_Life_model plus skellington and artists

Skellington, Mark, Jay the Model and David.

Again just a pencil (a HB this time) and some choice on what to draw. I’ve taken out the easel he’s leaning on, the windows etc.There is only so much time, plus your brain will imagine the rest of Mr. Skellington, it doesn’t have to be drawn.

Jay_Life_model detail

Jay the Model (detail)

Jay_Life_Model x3 with Skellington

Early studies of Jay and Skellington

Tall poetic man 271017

Torso and Jay the model

This was an experiment with charcoals of different consistency and a rubber. Some nice passages, though overall I’m not happy. I’m bored with thick black lines.

About Trevor Mill

This is my work. Art & Design. The fruits of my labour. Commissions / projects welcome.
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4 Responses to 27.10.17. Jay, tall and poetic.

  1. Your drawings have a beautiful energy, but I understand your boredom. I’m just discovering charcoal, as I’m fed up with pencil scribble, and want to push my own drawing skills. Are you sticking with the charcoal or going to try something else?

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