Sketchweek 2: Climbing in Derbyshire

My sons went Geckos climbing  club on a holiday (link here).
This was in the beautiful Derbyshire peak district on gritstone which is great to climb on.
I stayed on the ground and watched in wonder. There was some time to do some sketching and a little painting. I’d covered some of the same subjects last year in Holiday Art 3. Derbyshire Landscapes.

There’s a nice juxtaposition between the solid rocks and the moving humans scaling up them. The tenacious plantlife, scudding sky and strong perspective make for rewarding compositions.

Below Nelson’s Column, Derbyshire. 240718. Acrylics, charcoal and pencils on two pages of a sketcbook.
This took around two hours. There is some judicious pruning of the scene. I’ve taken out everyone apart from my youngest son (at the top right) and the view is horizontally truncated to get the blue horizon in. Next time I’ll bring a pillow; gritstone is a hard surface for a boney arse like mine.
Here’s a wiki about the place

Climbing in Birchin Edge 240718

The two pages of the sketchbook in more detail.

Climbing in Birchin Edge 240718 a

Climbing in Birchin Edge 240718 b

How to describe the act of climbing intrigued me. You could make it into a stop motion animation, or overlay all the moves on one body making the climber look even more like a spider.

Click on these to make larger.




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1 Response to Sketchweek 2: Climbing in Derbyshire

  1. Jeff Gold says:

    I love the two page spread. Very bold handling and great use of color and line to define the rocks. It captures a good sense of place.

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